Emergency Medicine Skills

A 4 hours intense practical course taught by me, an emergency doctor for 20+ years.
You will learn the most common skills for when there is no doctor available.

Advanced course Topics
*local anesthesia
*ABCDE assessment (with stethoscope, and measurement of oxygen, blood pressure, glucose)
*Abscess incision and drainage
*intramuscular and subcutaneous injection
*fluid infusion (subcutaneous)
*temporary tooth filling
*reduction of a dislocated shoulder, knee cap and finger
*open pneumothorax treatment
*remove foreign body from eye
*fish hook removal
*removal of hematoma under the nail

Practical information
Duration: 4 hours.
Location: On-site ‘anywhere’ in Portugal
Price: 40-70 euros pp (depending on distance, venue and if lunch included or not)
Entry level: all are welcome.
Preparation: 2 hours of video’s, after the course you will receive a PDF of ‘When there is no doctor’

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Emergency temporary tooth filling practice station

Blood glucose measuring practice:

Abscess incision: