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Emergency Skills course – preparation


Since we will be using our time to practice a lot, please watch these video’s before the course
Emergency skills course video’s

To well equipped and be able to use your newly learned skills in an emergency, advanced medical materials can be ordered via me for 85 eur. The set contains:

*suturing set
*suturing wires (2x)
*emergency dental filling
*scalpelholder with 5 replaceble scalpelknives
*needles (3 small, 3 big) for removal of hematomas under the nail or intramuscular injections 1eur
*syringes 2 and 10ml (3 each) to give injections etc.
*sodium chloride infusion, tubing and cannula.
*basic stethoscope
*local anesthesia (5x 2ml of lidocaine)
*super glue
*finger oxygen saturation meter
*automatic blood pressure meter

There is no box included, only the materials. To collect in Figueiro dos vinhos or send by post (+10eur)