Integrative health

Integrative health combines the best practices from traditional and herbal medicine, physical exercise and regular medicine to optimize you health, longevity, energy, weight, hormones, gut and much more

My name is Gaël Smits and I have been a medical doctor since 1998. My original specialty is emergency medicine.

In recent years, I have specialized in Integrative Health and functional medicine. My certifications are:

  • Integrative health practitioner level 2 (IHP 2)
  • Plant-based nutrition certificate – eCornell university

In my online practice I can help you with

  • Optimizing lifestyle program: a 3 -month coaching program to optimizing your lifestyle with detox program, healthy nutrition, physical activity, a small selection of the best vitamins and supplements, and advanced lab testing where necessary
  • One-off online session with advise how to interpret blood test, stool and other lab results
  • Group coaching in liver detox